Back to school – healthy snacks

healthy school snacksAm I the only one who’s had crazier-than-usual back-to-school preparations this year? And don’t even get me started on the literature, letters, and emails that come home from school and must be thoroughly reviewed.  There’s certainly a lot to go through!

One thing I have found interesting, though, is the extra stress that schools are placing on healthy snacks.  No more chips or cookies that give kids sugar highs and crashes—it’s all about healthier choices that keep students learning and focused—not to mention full enough to make it to lunchtime.

I’m determined that despite my family’s crazy schedule I will have healthy snacks on hand to send to school and try to mix it up and offer my kids a variety—no ruts this year!  Here are some of my favorite ideas:

I try to think of snacks as mini meals that need to have solid nutritional value.  It might seem easier to just throw whatever’s in reach into your child’s backpack, but with a little planning, a snack can help your child stay energized for learning throughout the school day.

Parkers Farm has produced the finest Cold Pack Cheese since the company’s conception in 1977. Parkers Farm has expanded its growing product line to include one of the best all-natural Peanut Butters available. We have also added pimiento spread, six varieties of bagel spreads and five varieties of fresh salsa to the line as well as Con Queso and Jalapeno Nacho Dip.

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